Become a Family Day Care Educator

Educator Information

There are many reasons why people choose to become Educators with
Family Day Care Schemes including the following:

  • to earn an income
  • to use the skills and talents they have already developed through raising their own family, or training
  • to provide Playmates for their own children
  • to enable them to work from home
  • to work in a career area they enjoy
  • to be self employed
  • to provide a valuable community service
  • to be part of a quality team of local child educators

Why join Gunnedah Family Day Care Scheme?

In joining our carefully selected team of Child Educators your work becomes recognised by the Community as professional, reliable and safe Childcare, sanctioned by Government Departments and supported by our qualified Staff.

You can expect a number of things including:

  • Referrals of Families requiring childcare
  • Regular visits by Family Day Care Staff, as a friendly support to help you with ideas, answer questions, and assist with any problems you are experiencing. The children in your care will also enjoy our visits, as our Coordinators, who will help to support, resource and train you in all aspects of childcare provision whilst you provide care for the children.
  • A regular Newsletter, the “Scribbler”,to keep you and your children’s parents up to date with all Family Day Care happenings
  • An interesting range of ongoing training and sharing opportunities are provided through the Scheme. We know our Educators have many skills already, and we like to provide opportunities for you to share your knowledge and experience, as well as providing you with stimulating training. Some examples of our sessions include “Preparing your Tax Return…Everything you’ve always wanted to Know”, ” Legal Issues in Childcare”, “Risk Management for Family Day Educators”, “Professional but Friendly…Can it Be Done?”, “Programming Ideas”
  • Toys from our Toy Library and Reference Books for working with children, are available for your use.
  • An experienced Educator is available for you to discuss any concerns you may have about becoming a Educator or any of the Regulations that concern you
  • Family Day Care Staff have fairly broad shoulders for you to discuss any problems regarding the children or concerns that you have. The Management Committee is also available for such matters
  • Playgroups especially organised for you and the children in Gunnedah. Playgroup provides an opportunity for your children to have the experience of playing with larger groups of children.
  • Resources and promotion to support your business and families eg Monogrammed hats, Uniforms, Bags, local media publicity

Skills and Qualitites of an Educator:

Your Family is part of the “Family” in Day Care…..everyone is involved to some extent, including the family pets. Your home is your workplace and as such must be safe and hygienic. Children and their families will enter your home regularly.

Children in care will make demands on your time and attention, and you may have bookwork or training to complete after hours. You should discuss this with your own family members and be aware of how they are feeling. You will need their support to run a successful Family Day Care Business.

Gunnedah Family Day Care

Address: Sugar Gums Family & Childrens Centre Cnr Hunter and Marquis Sts (PO Box 106) Gunnedah NSW 2380
Phone: 02 6740 2281 | Fax: 02 6740 2289
Hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm, Friday 9am-3pm